Imperivm – Strollin w/ Hoodiemane [Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment EXCLUSIVE]


Strollin’ with @hoodiemane666

The fourth installment of the Soliloquy series by @djimperivm.

An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers.

When I conceived the original Soliloquy over 3 years ago, I honestly would’ve never thought it would become one of the most important musical things I do each year. But it’s become more than just a yearly tradition, it’s become more than just a record. It’s become a way to showcase an alternative side of Imperivm. It’s become a story of growth and life, and I couldn’t be more proud. With that, I present the fourth edition of my Soliloquy. While a slight departure from the past records, it is a direction I’m happy to bring it, and it’s still very much my Soliloquy. This year, we enjoy the return of dear friend and former Soliloquy collaborator, Nat Eilā, and a new collaboration with my good buddy HOODIEMANE. Visually, we welcome one of my best friends, Mythic Rogue, for the cover art.

This year’s Soliloquy sure seems a bit more home-grown, all the way down to the back end stuff y’all don’t see as fans, so lastly I’d like to thank Tchaikovsky -Bad Wolf Entertainment, LLC for assistance with publishing and distribution. Without my friends there, Soliloquy would have met obstacles, and I’m ever grateful for their help this year. Lastly, I’m ever grateful for YOU. If this is your first Soliloquy, welcome along! And for those of you familiar with the series, I hope you enjoy this installment!

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Art: @mythic-rogue

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